Canon EOS 350d Remote Trigger

There are a lot of documentation online about how to build a remote trigger for the Canon EOS 350d digital SLR camera, e.g. this one. Not only is the necessary circuit very simple, but perhaps even more important is that the connector that plugs into the camera is a standard 2.5mm TRS plug, and is easy to procure, compared to the various proprietary connectors used for other models and brands.
ballpark schematic
ready for action
As the intended use for this trigger is to serve as the shutter control in a stop-motion setup I chose to do an electronic build instead of using manually operated switches. As the dmx512usb board was developed to be useful in more than its original context the final trigger assembly was designed to neatly connect to the GPIO pins on the board—with the right firmware—usb trigger control, or for that matter, the possibility to trigger it over DMX512.
mounted on GPIO pins of a DMX512USB board

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