Most of the project pages have been moved, partially rewritten, and published. Given that I can publish not only blog posts, but also maintain pages, is very convenient and I don't miss much from my old CMS to be honest. There is one thing though, and it is a bit of a thorn in my side. Images.

On my old setup I could have images of any aspect ratio side by side without it looking horrible, because the image displayed on the page would be resized to a predefined size, and cropped to a square with a link to the uncropped, unresized image. No such thing here—as far as I can tell—unless one wants to do it manually, which would be of little benefit anyway, since the editor does not really want to place images beside each other, only images on their own, or, images beside text. But then again, I have only used the wysiwyg editor so far, and not tried to do any raw HTML editing. Not that I like writing raw HTML.

I don't.

I dislike it enough that I wrote a CMS to get out of it.

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